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Updated: Jul 19, 2024
Market Cap
Social Score50800.45%
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Social Activity Brief

Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a fluctuating trend in its social media activity score. The project started with a relatively high score, then experienced some ups and downs throughout the month. However, overall, the project's social media engagement remained relatively stable. There were a few instances where the activity score reached a peak, but it quickly returned to a consistent level. Towards the end of the month, there was a slight decrease in the activity score, but it remained within a similar range. Overall, the project's social media activity can be described as consistent with some minor fluctuations.

Funding Rounds

ROUND Total Amount Investor DATE
Strategic $6,000,000 2024-03-26

About BlockGames

BlockGames is building the world’s most connected, decentralized Player Network creating cyclical value that unlocks user growth for games, at scale, with instant rewards for players.
This innovative rewards system delivers exceptional value to players, helping to grow the network, while providing alternative new user acquisition avenues for games.
Players are incentivized to participate in the network through enjoyable gameplay experiences, instant on-chain rewards, and an automatic share in the success of the games they play.