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Updated: Jul 19, 2024
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About Crypto Samurai

The CryptoSamurai is originated in Sengoku Period in Japan. Players in this game act the role of famous Samurai, recruiting powerful Samurais, destroying evil spirits, and looting resources through constant exploration during the war. Players can trade freely and combat scarce resources. The shoguns will reward according to the recovered resources.

There are 5 levels of Samurai, weapon, and defense. High level characters provide powerful property. Higher-level equipment will provide more powerful skills. All of these provide a lot of help for the player's adventure. The levels are divided into common, advanced, rare, elite, legend. These characters and items are NFTs and can be traded on the trading platform

In the Adventure and the Chasm (PVE), you can gain CSD and items by defeating evil spirits in the world of chaos, which would help you strengthen your samurai or gain new samurai. Ladder races and Capture race mode can be rewarded with a large number of CST. Ladder race, which are settled every few months. After buying admission tickets, you can continue to challenge the ladder list. The more people participate in, the more rewards will be. The players will be awarded according to the ranking by the end of each ladder race.

Capture mode will be settled daily, and players will occupy cities to gain valuable resources. At the end of the bonus process, the shogunate would give rewards according to levels, and also recycle those resources. The resources of players who don't make the list won't be recycled.

Distinguish from traditional games, players can make transactions through smart contracts, with all transactions recorded on the chain and complete transparency and security