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Updated: Jun 17, 2024
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Social Score1679-0.12%
All-Time High
Nov 2, 2021 (2 years before)
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$0.00040989 70.9%
Oct 22, 2023 (7 months before)

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Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a fluctuating trend in social media activity. The project's social media engagement has been inconsistent, with some days showing high activity and others showing low activity. However, overall, the project's social media activity seems to have remained relatively stable. There were no significant spikes or drops in activity throughout the month.

Where To Buy

ID Exchange Pair Spread Price 24H Volume Trust Score
1 PancakeSwap (v2) DREAMS / WBNB 0.60% $0.00069927 $4559.84
2 KuCoin DREAMS / USDT 0.14% $0.00069935 $27657
3 MEXC DREAMS / USDT 1.14% $0.00070152 $20548
4 BTSE DREAMS / USDT 2.25% $0.00070132 $2522.4
5 BitMart DREAMS / USDT 0.59% $0.00069538 $4850.78

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest Escapades
Dreams Quest is a play-to-earn RPG card game using dynamic NFTs. Players are invited to explore the dream realms and go on an adventure by participating in quests, events and tournaments. Players can battle against other players playing with cards that are represented by dynamic NFTs. (In your mind) So, basically Dungeons and Dragons meets hearthstone with a play to earn model and my cards can change? .
No, it’s much more, and here’s the catch!
The in-game battles encompass unpredictable factors that will have an effect on NFT card attributes. The dynamic NFTs (game cards) will be impacted by unknown factors such as weather, temperature, storms, and more, that will completely alter not only your card attributes but also affect player strategy to ensure they have an optimal deck to account for many possible game dynamics.
Players can also gain access to miscellaneous cards such as weapons and equipment to defeat their foe belonging to another realm. In Dreams Quest, the outcome of any game battle, as well as the change to the card attributes, will be permanently recorded and stored on-chain.

Dreams Quest has received investments from 16 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Oct. 20, 2021, when they have raised 4.0M.