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Dystopia: Battle Arena

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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About Dystopia: Battle Arena

Show your true SKILL in a brand new Play-to-Earn RTS game - Dystopia: Battle Arena!

Built on the principles of LEGENDARY Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, the game retains the strong core gameplay, streamlined to be EXCITING for veterans and new players alike with a unique ability to earn CRYPTO rewards.

Dystopia Arena is all about ACTION and TACTICS as you engage in quick THRILLING tournaments against other players. CUSTOMIZE your base layout and army composition to outsmart and overpower your opponents. As everyone gets the same opportunities, the only thing that determines the WINNER is pure SKILL.

Play in Practice mode to get started before you move to ARENA where stakes and payouts are much higher. Rise to the top of the GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS and earn rewards based on cutting edge BLOCKCHAIN technology - COLIZEUM!

Join now and be part of the future of gaming!