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Updated: Jul 13, 2024
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About Elder's Grace

A live action RPG meets Castle Defense game. It’s cross-web building & raiding fun where gamers Play for Keeps!

In a realm once peaceful, the Mobley faced devastation as mysterious invaders swept across their cherished homeland from distant shores. ‍

In a desperate quest for a solution, ten Elder Mobley embarked on an ancient ritual, wielding the elements' power. Yet, after years of intense battles, victory eluded both sides.

Determined to vanquish the Accursed Horde, the Elder Mobley dared a forbidden ritual, bequeathing their powers to all Mobley, but paying the ultimate price—their lives. ‍

From this noble sacrifice, the next generation forged potent weapons and magical artifacts, harnessing the Elders' might.

Now, the call to arms resounds, summoning YOU to join the fight. Reclaim the Mobley homeland and etch your name in legends.