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Girand In The Lost City

Updated: Apr 16, 2024
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About Girand In The Lost City

Girand's game economy is based on a market economy model that integrates all gameplay modes and provides powerful economic and social incentives.

Each player is an important element of a complex system of economic interactions. While playing and completing various tasks, achievements and victories, the player unlocks new content, receives game resources and gains access to new locations and abilities.

The entire economy of the game is determined by the behavior of the player and the GLC token. The behavior of players and the specifics of the GLC token determine the structure and stages of the gameplay.

GLC tokens, game assets and various types of NFTs are actively circulating within the system, creating a need for their use for in-game activities. A variety of resources and a deep multi-level system of development and improvements, as well as various game modes, allow you to balance the game economy and at the same time reward players for their in-game achievements.