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Updated: Mar 2, 2024
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About Gooeys

As of our early access launch, Questing is the primary passive activity for earning $GOO, and Fruits with your Gooey.

There are six different quest tiers available, with your success chances being dictated both by diceroll via Chainlink VRF, and your Gooey's primary stats (Health, Attack, Defense, Speed). While there is no penalty for failing a quest, your Gooey cannot be recalled once embarked on one - you'll need to wait for their quest to finish before being able to use them for any other tasks, such as tumbling.

It's essential to keep your Gooey's Food Store above zero - failure to do so will result in a Nexus reset, back to 1,000 points. Your Gooey's Nexus stat is capped at 2,500, and applies a multiplier to all new tumbles. A low Nexus stat will typically mean a much weaker Gooey offspring!