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Land War

Updated: Mar 2, 2024
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About Land War

Land War is an innovative strategic game designed on the Ethereum Layer2 network, Kroma. Within this gaming environment, participants vie for supremacy by seizing and managing virtual land, participating in exciting battles and strategic conquests. The game offers a distinctive blend of elements, incorporating land ownership, point accrual, and transaction-based competition, crafting an immersive and competitive gaming adventure.

In Land War, players engage in two main competitions: Land Conquest and Transaction Race. Land Conquest involves capturing and maintaining virtual land, earning points and striving for top rankings. The shapes and layouts of the land influence strategies and points.
Meanwhile, the Transaction Race encourages players to generate in-game transactions, ranking them on the Activity Leaderboard. This dynamic ecosystem, rewarding strategy and activity, leads to prize distribution from the Prize Pool, Next Prize Pool, and the Reserve, making Land War a unique and competitive gaming experience.