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Updated: Apr 16, 2024
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Background Story

It all started with the Organic Erase...

Humankind depleted the natural resources of planet Earth. This led to their own demise as they could not survive without oxygen, food and water. The animals of planet Earth were the first ones to parish, as Humankind was selfishly clinging to the last of the natural resources to save their own. Desperate to bring back a likeness to their beloved animal companions, they created AI-powered robot animals, called Mechas.

Instead of the envisioned companionship of the Mechas, they were soon weaponized by the power hungry rulers of Humankind. In the war that followed all remaining Human lives were lost. Mechas refer to this event as the Organic Erase, as the collapse of the fragile ecosystem was now beyond saving. Soon after, Earth was completely void of organic life.

The land is void of living organisms. There is only dust, rocks and sea.
There is still a day and night cycle, as the relation between Earth and Sun has not changed. However, there is no more ice. All pole caps have melted, which means that the sea level has risen dramatically in comparison to Earth as we know it.
Most water is salt. Some large lakes still have drinking water. It does not matter for the Mechas, so drinking water is not a desired resource.

Without any rulers or purpose left, the Mechas altered their Artificial Intelligence to form a society of their own.
In the wreckage left by Humankind they find resources to build, repair and upgrade. Some of them explore ways to bring organic life back to Earth. But others have inherited the selfish DNA of Humankind and seek only fortune and power.

It is now the year 181 after the Organic Erase. Mecha Artificial Life is constantly developing, and now you get to be a part of it.

Will you battle and seek wealth and glory?
Will you quest and search to restore Earth?
Or will you become a master crafter in service of other Mechas?