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Midgard Clash

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a fluctuating trend in its social media activity score. The project's social media engagement has been inconsistent, with some days showing higher activity scores than others. However, there seems to be a general trend of stability in the project's social media activity score, with only a few significant drops in the score. Overall, the project's social media activity level seems to be moderate, with room for improvement in terms of consistency and engagement.

About Midgard Clash

Midgard Clash is a collection of limited editions of PvE and PvP game-based digital trading cards. It is inspired by Scandinavian Mythology. Users could attack the dungeons with the NFT’s from Midgard Clash’s collection and earn Yggdrasill (in-game currency).