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Updated: Mar 2, 2024
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Social Activity Brief

Within the past 30 days, this project has maintained a consistent level of social media activity with occasional fluctuations. The project's social media engagement has been relatively stable, with only a slight increase towards the end of the month. However, there was a noticeable increase in activity towards the middle of the month, which was sustained for a few days before returning to the previous level. Overall, the project's social media activity trend appears to be steady with some minor variations.

About Moonsie

Moonsie is a mischievous and fresh take on the world of social gaming. Grab your Moonsie and join in the extravaganza! This limited minting event is the gateway into the universe of Moonsie. Keep battling to earn Moongems that will unlock more in-game assets, as well as cosmetic outfits for your Moonsies. Holder of Moonsie may choose to send their Moonsies to the training ground. New players can then pick up one of these Moonsies (borrowing) to battle and earn Moongems. In return, some of these Moongems are paid back to the owner of the rented Moonsie.