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Updated: Jun 17, 2024
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About Mushro Legends

Play-to-earn games are games in which the main goal is to earn. The game’s progress revolves around getting profit. Games like this are usually built-in NFT or blockchain technology and produce currency that can be traded for fiat or other coins.

What makes Mushro Legends unique?
The P2E game hit the crypto market last year. There are still a lot of P2E games out there in the making or already launched. Most of them are just rugs and some of them have potential.

But most of them don't last long and even the famous ones have difficult times maintaining their popularity. Why is this happening?

Lifespan, Reality, and Limitations of the P2E Games

Due to the tremendous success of Axie Infinity, P2E NFT game becomes the mainstream of the crypto tokens and tens of game tokens launches every day on the market. Axie infinity was the main source of income in Southeast Asia countries including the Philippines last year. Some warned that it's just a rug pull and will be forgotten very soon but it's still going on and even the large traditional game companies are joining the market.

But most of the P2E games show the same cycle, causing losses to lots of crypto investors.

P2E game Pattern

The goal of the P2E game is to make money by playing the game as a goal, but almost all P2E games that have come out to date are just gamification of the Defi.

The game itself is not enjoyable or funny at all. It just takes your time and is boring. You are playing it only because you can make some profits. The quality of the games is very primitive - some of them are not even playable.

What did we do differently in Mushro Legends then?

A game is enjoyable only when you compete with others and feel a sense of accomplishment and you get ahead of others.

We studied famous game models in the market and designed the gameplay in an enjoyable and fun way in the long run. Fierce competition is also a strong point of our game.

The reward system of Mushro Legends is also different than other games.

We reward users in BUSD, not in our token (GDOGE). But we encourage users to purchase in-game currencies with the GDOGE token. Of course, we will sell some of them for in-game rewards, but we will burn at least half of them. This is completely different than other games in which the liquidity of the reward token keeps drying because of the players selling every day. We have full control over the GDOGE token, and this will ensure the token price keeps going up.

Lastly, the Mushro Legends can be playable with in-app purchases on Apple Store and Google Play Store which is open to those who don't know cryptocurrency or NFTs. This gives us more exposure and eventually leads us to a bright future.