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Updated: Jun 17, 2024
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About NAKA Runner

NAKA Runner is an exciting new all-3D third-person parkour game, where players can rack up all the points they want by dodging the challenging and interesting obstacles that come their way.

NAKA Runner Simplified: The Exciting Gameplay Players need to purchase/own one or more tickets to kickstart their gameplay.

After the player has a satisfactory number of tickets, they click on the “Let’s Go” button and enter the game room selection zone.

Each game room has its respective time limits, and players must pay close attention to these deadlines or else, they should close the room before the game is over.

Other players are added to the game room, each having a maximum capacity of eight (8).

In the course of playing the game, players can turn and flop backwards, scale the lofty walls and climb the majestic cliffs, and collect coins on the go by moving left, right, up and down using their keywords. With incredibly easy-to-understand and use controls, the player must still be extremely careful to avoid making any mistakes along the way. If you fail, then you start from ground zero all over again!

Players have many ancillary tools during the game, which they can use to gain additional bonuses and skills, thus taking their rewards several notches higher - These include the Giant Gold Coins, which is a heavily prized collection of 150 gold coins, and a Gold Magnet that automatically attracts all nearby gold.

When on Stealth mode, players remain unaffected by both obstacles and cliffs, but this unique mode lasts only 30 seconds. We suggest you put it to the best use!

There’s a 750 m sprint the player can be part of, putting in all their energy and courage to outrun the other gamers.

Players can restart the game an unlimited number of times, but it means that they would have to start all over again and lose previous accomplishments.