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Updated: May 23, 2024
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About Piratos

Piratos is an exciting gamefi experience that combines Move & Collect mechanics with Augmented Reality. Players must explore the real world to find hidden treasures and valuable resources to construct their ships.

What sets Piratos apart from other games is its unique features:

AR mode, with plans to integrate with augmented reality glasses in the future
A variety of game mechanics, including move to earn, collect to earn, boss fights, hunting, and crafting
Additional helpers in the form of pets that players can purchase, find in chests, and develop
A clan system that allows players to create their own clans, develop them, and earn money
The ability to choose a side, such as playing as the boss to guard the treasure chests
The possibility of finding tokens in chests

To participate in Piratos, players have three options: buy a character, rent a character, or play in free mode. Players can level up their characters by moving around the real world, collecting resources, fighting bosses, and opening chests.

The gameplay in Piratos revolves around move to earn, collect to earn, boss fights, and gathering clans. Players can even choose to play as the antagonist by purchasing and developing the boss. Additionally, players can purchase or find pets and play mini-games with them for additional rewards.

There are numerous ways to earn money in Piratos, including walking, collecting, searching for treasures in chests, participating in various events, playing as the boss, utilizing the clan system, and renting a character.