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Updated: May 23, 2024
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About Politic Wars

What is Politic Wars Game? Politic Wars is an blockchain-based 2D multi-platform game. Just like all platform shooting games, players would be using their keyboards and mouses to attack each other. It will be available on mobile phones, pc, and consoles. People can pick one of the many historical leaders the world has ever seen, fight against each other, and try to be the top scorer. Everyone gets PWS token based on the scores they have after the fight is over. Improve your character, and make it advantageous against other players or bot fighters. What makes Politic Wars unique? The purpose of the game is not to make money alone, the purpose of the game is to have fun, and learn while you are playing. This way, Politic Wars will teach people about leaders of the world both currently ruling, and historical ones, while also allowing them to have fun, and earn money all at the same time. You can easily buy and sell your NFTs from the NFT Market. NFTs will be limited and the token will be price-based, thus increasing the value of your NFTs. You can fight and win from any platform you want, whenever you want. The leaders will always be available for you to buy, but not all leaders will be available forever, meaning certain leaders will be more valuable than others based on demand. Throughout the history of the world, politicians have always made people fight. Politic Wars, by contrast, make politicians fight. People can fight and have fun with the politicians they love and support or even hate, and earn PWS tokens. Enough of the Politicians who earn from the fighting, for once, let the people fight the politicians and this time people will earn instead. How many Politic Wars are there? NFTs in the game are real-life politicians. They are ranked 3 according to the effect they leave. Common, Rare, and Epic. There are currently about 60 characters. This number will increase. First, a total of 10 thousand NFT will be minted. Who are the developers of Politic Wars? CEO Mustafa spend years in the gaming world, building countless games on Unity, but always wanted to build something that helped people. This is where the idea for an NFT P2E combined with profits going to war thorn nations came.