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Updated: May 23, 2024
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About Super Racer

Super Racer is a premiere racing league in the Metaverse being developed by a boutique video games studio — Little Guy Games, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with over 12 years of video games development experience. What is Super Racer Game? Super Racer is an action-packed, multiplayer racing game with a perfect balance of realistic driving simulation and over-the-top arcade action. It will be easy to pick up, but very difficult to master, making it a great candidate for a successful Esport title. What makes Super Racer unique? Furthermore, Super Racer is more than just an amazing cars. The game will also feature awesome characters who are the drivers, and players will choose both their character and car for every race. Our characters will add additional RPG elements to the game — a feature that is unique in the racing genre. The tracks in SR will be visually tantalizing and designed to be varied, with different weather conditions, times of day, and awesome locations. For example, a night track will be much more difficult to see and navigate. Certain cars, like the Freelander, may have an advantage in the night driving, with its powerful lighting and upgrade options. Thus strategic choices will need to be made depending on which race the holder chooses to participate in. In addition, each car will have its own, unique driving characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, special abilities, and upgrade options. Similar features will apply to the characters. Mastering one type of car will not directly translate into being able to master a different car, as cars will vary significantly in the way they drive and behave on the track. This type of strategy will increase the difficulty curve and help ensure that SR has great retention and longevity amongst the competitive holders, which will grow significantly over time. In the future, the SR Metaverse will also feature pieces of tracks that will be available for sale, advertising billboards, as well as towns. Super Racer is more than just a racing game. It is a start of an awesome franchise with amazing characters, a rich story, fantastic cars, and a beautiful racing metaverse that we will create with the help of our community. How many Super Racer NFT are there? Eventually, Super Racer will also launch character NFTs for the game, though there are no exact plans of when this will happen, as their primary focus at this time is to deliver an exciting and fun, full gameplay loop to the community. All of our game’s assets including cars and characters are being developed in 3D with beautiful 360 degrees renders provided as the mintable NFTs. Who are the developers of Super Racer? The team behind Super Racer is Little Guy Games Inc., an indie game development studio with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Our company has been established in 2009 and we worked on several notable games, including The Last Sky — a PC adventure game, Home Run Derby VR — a Major League Baseball (MLB) VR game, and Little Bandits — a mobile RPG game.