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Swords of Blood

Updated: Jun 17, 2024
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Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a fluctuating trend in its social media activity score. The project's social media engagement has been inconsistent, with some days showing high activity and others showing low activity. However, there is an overall upward trend in the project's social media activity score. The project has had some days with significantly higher activity than others, indicating that there may be certain events or promotions that are driving engagement. Overall, the project's social media activity score suggests that there is some level of interest and engagement from its audience.

About Swords of Blood

Discord brought drastic fate to the World of Ezura in the past game of thrones. Shadow has fallen upon the realm of men. The Dragon Betrayer destroyed the Bladebound Order, the last bastion of hope. No one can escape his strong-arm régime, but his vainglory will be his downfall. Although the legendary heroes were slain, the game of war is not over yet.