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Updated: Dec 1, 2023
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SYMBIOGENESIS NFT Game is a unique form of NFT-based entertainment that combines 10,000 collectible artworks with real game utility. Each of the NFT characters has a unique design featuring various races and professions, with bust-up pictures that can be used as PFP. These NFT characters will be sold as each chapter of the game's story is unveiled.

To play the game, players use the Slot Release Points given out once per day to try to unlock the story held by the characters, in cooperation with all players. They must progress through the main story and missions, clearing the Great Missions (boss battles) as they go. Players must also use the available hints to search for the items hidden throughout the Floating Continent.

To participate in the World Mission, which determines the outcome of the story, players must fulfill the first condition of clearing all missions and main stories of all 6 chapters. Additionally, players must find the hidden items to gain access to the World Mission. Only three players can participate in the World Mission, leaving other players as spectators of the outcome.

In summary, SYMBIOGENESIS NFT Game involves progressing through the main story and missions, unlocking the stories held by the characters, and finding hidden items throughout the Floating Continent. Ultimately, players must participate in the World Mission to determine the ending of the story.