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Synergy of Serra

Updated: Mar 1, 2024
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Within the past 30 days, this project has shown fluctuations in its social media activity score. The project's social media engagement has been inconsistent, with some days showing high activity and others showing lower activity. However, overall, the project's social media activity trend seems to be stable, with no significant increase or decrease in activity. The project's social media engagement seems to be moderate, with occasional spikes in activity.

About Synergy of Serra

Synergy of Serra shapes a new game genre, merging classic Strategy Card Games with the infinite game experience possibilities of Deckbuilder Card Games.
- Play-to-Earn: Start for free with 90 unique cards, full access to all features, and earn money by winning seasonal ranked games.
- Skill-To-Win: There used to be hardcore games, now again!
- Infinite Game Experience: Your card deck and strategy evolve and changes every turn through deckbuilding mechanics resulting in endless unique battles.
- Trading Experiences: Trade and exchange all in-game assets for real money through true ownership on the blockchain. - No Entry Barrier: Your grandma is playing it already! No wallets, no plugins, no fees required.
Join the six factions of biologic and mechanic creatures in the defense of the planet Serra from an alien threat. Become the leading commander of Serra!