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Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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Social Score2043-1.3%
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Jun 3, 2023 (8 months before)
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$0.00884673 810.3%
Sep 21, 2023 (5 months before)

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Within the past 30 days, this project has shown fluctuations in its social media activity score. The overall trend of the project's social media activity appears to be stable, with some minor ups and downs. The project's social media engagement seems to be consistent, with no significant spikes or drops in activity. However, there were a few days where the project's social media activity score was notably higher than the other days. Overall, the project seems to have maintained a moderate level of social media activity throughout the past month.

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1 Quickswap SNG / POLYGON-BRIDGED-USDT-POLYGON 0.60% $0.081731 $46656

About Synergy Land

Synergy Land is a blockchain multiplayer ARPG game currently in development by Synergy Studio, set in a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems, each based on the following elements: earth, water, fire and ice.
The player will take on the role of different types of heroes, exploring dungeons of up to four players who will undertake a great adventure against very powerful creatures, using a fully dynamic and an innovative spell system that will allow players to combine elements to cast spells creating new beneficial or harmful synergies between them.
Inspired by popular games, such as Diablo and Path Of Exile, the game aims to combine the best of these worlds where regular and hardcore players will enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs, giving to the community true ownership of digital assets.
True cross-platform ARPG that you can play with your friends from your PC and/or mobile devices.

Feature Overview:
- A fully immersive 3D ARPG with a large world to explore
- Explore dangerous and immersive dungeons and face all kinds of terrifying enemies for a chance to get powerful & rare NFT items
- Character customization with hundreds of style combinations
- Several classes for different gameplay styles
- Own the most powerful enemies in the game and earn passive income
- PvP events that will reward players for their performance
- Dungeon puzzles & chests containing rare NFT items
- Special items to gain access to inaccessible locations
- Collect pets that will battle alongside your character
- Own a private island and make it your home and business
- Build crafting stations and create powerful NFT items
- Become one of the unique NFT holders in the entire ecosystem
- Send your pets to the battlefield to fight and win NFTs being one of the best in the ranking
- Breeding pets to create new, powerful and rare eggs