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The Adventurer's Guild

Updated: Jul 19, 2024
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Within the past 30 days, this project has maintained a relatively stable level of social media activity. The data shows that the daily social media activity score has remained within a narrow range, with only minor fluctuations. This suggests that the project has maintained a consistent level of engagement with its audience over the past month. However, it is worth noting that the data does not provide any information about the specific types of social media activity that the project has been engaging in. Therefore, it is difficult to draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of the project's social media strategy based solely on this data.

About The Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer's Guild is a NFT-based RPG developed by SixPM Software, and powered by the WAX Blockchain. You can create a character, deck them out in gear, and embark on quests, ranging from dungeon crawls to fights against powerful bosses, all from Discord! Defeating foes and completing quests will earn you rewards, in the form of Loot Chests that can be opened for NFTs, and $GUILD, a WAX token that serves as the currency of The Adventurer's Guild.