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Updated: Jul 13, 2024
Market Cap
Social Score1351-0.07%
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Social Activity Brief

Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a fluctuating trend in its social media activity score. The project's social media engagement has been inconsistent, with some days showing high activity and others showing low activity. However, there is no clear indication of a significant increase or decrease in the project's overall social media activity level. It is important to note that the project's social media activity score has been relatively stable in the past week.

Funding Rounds

ROUND Total Amount Investor DATE
Seed 2,800,000 2022-09-07

About Trial Xtreme

Trial Xtreme is coming to the blockchain and leading the world's first web3-powered, decentralized competitive gaming ecosystem.

This would be the first time that the competitve erxtreme sports palyers will be able to compete, buy, evolve, and trade in constantly changing realistic exciting and challenging tracks and environments.