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Updated: Sep 24, 2023
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Within the past 30 days, this project has maintained a consistent level of social media activity. The data shows that the project has consistently received a high social media activity score every day for the past month. This suggests that the project has been actively engaging with its audience on social media platforms. However, without specific numbers, it is difficult to determine the exact level of social media engagement. Overall, the trend indicates that the project has been successful in maintaining a high level of social media activity over the past month.

About Varialands

Varialands is a play-to-earn game on wax blockchain using NFTs. Players will be rewarded with tokens and can create valuable NFTs. Here in Varialands you can be the king and ask your subjects (other players) for taxes! Varialands, a magical kingdom with Islands floating in the sky, each filled with thousands of treasures and mysteries. For inhabitants of Varialands only one thing matters most, and that is to become the king of the Island and live happily ever after!(or not...!) Although becoming the king of the Island is the dream of every citizen in Varialands, yet they need to first survive! In Varialands resources are so much scarce and each island has only 1 resource type to be mined. That is why the island wars exist!