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Updated: May 23, 2024
Market Cap$160.39k
Social Score14540.07%
All-Time High
Nov 23, 2021 (2 years before)
All-Time Low
$4.978E-5 8.3%
May 8, 2024 (2 weeks before)

Social Activity Brief

Within the past 30 days, this project has shown a consistent and steady increase in social media activity. The project's social media engagement has been consistently high, with only a few minor fluctuations. Overall, the project has maintained a strong and active presence on social media throughout the month.

Where To Buy

ID Exchange Pair Spread Price 24H Volume Trust Score
1 CELT / USDT 0.02% $5.44E-5 $9451.77
2 LATOKEN CELT / USDT 0.09% $5.438E-5 $7621.03
3 MEXC CELT / USDT 1.26% $5.373E-5 $26131
4 BTSE CELT / USDT 2.37% $5.382E-5 $18790.25

About Celestial

Celestial is a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that offers a deeply immersive space-themed world for players to explore. Players can join federations, develop and expand colonies, gather rare resources, research technology for both civil and military purposes, and engage in epic battles with other gamers.

The game is designed to offer a highly engaging and interactive experience that combines playability, community, and finance. Players can join various federations, collaborate to achieve common goals, and support each other in battles. Celestial's finance aspect allows players to earn virtual currency and trade it with other players, thereby creating a vibrant in-game economy.

With its emphasis on blockchain technology, Celestial offers a secure and decentralized gaming experience that allows players to truly own their in-game assets. This innovative game is perfect for space enthusiasts and gamers looking for a new and exciting MMO experience.

Celestial has received investments from 2 investors. Their most recent funding round was on Sept. 29, 2021, when they have raised 1.4M.