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Updated: May 23, 2024
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About DegenHeim

Degenheim is a fully gamified project by Highrise Studios, built on time-tested principles from the gaming industry, which to this day are proving to work by delivering billions in revenue and millions in player count to the industry every single day.

In order to empower players by true digital ownership of their digital collectibles, Degenheim expands the experience by leveraging the new technological advancements of Web3.

Not immersed or interested into Web3 yet? No problem, the game is enjoyable in full, encompassing every traditional aspect of any Web2 game tying in a seamless onboarding process without requiring any prior Web3 knowledge or involvement at all.

Should you ever want to leverage the benefits of Web3 ownership to your advantage, you can claim your in-game digital collectibles anytime, once the system is rolled out on our website. No hindrance to your gaming experience.