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Kingdom Story: Heroes War

Updated: Feb 25, 2024
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About Kingdom Story: Heroes War

KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR is a Free-to-Play Game that can collect and grow more than 300 heroes in the Three Kingdoms, which features several forces, including Wei, Shu, and Wu, and will go to battle with heroes of the player's choice. Players can enjoy many contents such as Crusade, Boss Battle, Ladder Match, Arena, Campaign, and Unification of the World by strategically combining heroes consisting of 7 elementals and 5 classes. The battle deck basically consisted of 6 heroes. Make the best efficiency with the powerful deck! And also, the Heroes War team is preparing to play the game not only on the Web but also on mobile, and we will provide an environment where you can play on any device and any OS, including Android/iOS.
The Heroes War team actively implemented a user-friendly Web3 ecosystem while maintaining the original fun of character-collecting RPG by combining know-how accumulated through more than 7 years of service on Web2, stable system and balancing, and blockchain technology. Players can immediately create heroes NFT that grows with affection in the game with just a click. And we also design Heroes NFT's exclusive growth system 'Mastery System' that can acquire extra capabilities and goods so that even NFTs with the same hero can have different values. In addition, new countries and heroes will be added based on the vast amount of Three Kingdoms, and various contents and events will be continuously updated. Collect your own heroes in the Three Kingdoms to build your own country and achieve your dream of unification with KINGDOM STORY: HEROES WAR!